Open for Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner, 7 Days, 6AM-10PM!

Banquet Room Available for parties up to 75.

Striving to Be... Environmentally Friendly!


We like to keep everything local! Here at Chesapeake Grill, we strive to keep all of our vendors within the tri-state area, without ever compromising quality. The closer they are, the less energy is used to get the products to us. From office needs to HVAC, we also only use local services! The less fossil fuels used in transport, the better our environment!


Not only are our products from local vendors, but we also order are paper products from vendors who recycle. More than half of our paper products are made from recycled paper, and most of our plastic products are from recycled materials as well, up to 30%! When we receive deliveries, sometimes we end up with 20-30 cardboard boxes each day! We have a special dumpster just for recycling these products. We want to decrease our Carbon footprint as much as possible!


In order to further reduce our Carbon footprint, we have installed some mechanisms into our building that have reduced our energy consumption over the past few years by ~40%! We have installed electric thermostats. That way, we can schedule our heat/AC to only work when the restaurant is open. We have also installed dimmable LED lights to most of our lighting, in order to reduce use.

Our outdoor sign and outdoor lighting have also been converted to LED, since this is actually where most of our electric energy is being used. Our commercial equipment in our kitchen is also designed to use the least water and electricity possible.